1. cowgirl

    Jalapeno Bass on the drum

    My favorite fishing pond.. caught one bass.. leeks... microwaved leeks to make them soft (pliable) seasoned bass with Jalapeno rub, stuffed with leeks, limes, rub and cilantro. wrapped in leek leaves.. onto drum with spicy TexMex rice...rice, onion, green chili...
  2. cowgirl

    Brisket Pie

    I used some of the brisket from before... potatoes into skillet with dry rub... brisket, scallions and more dry rub... spicy Q sauce... smoked provolone cheese... bacon and more dry rub spice.. into BPS UDS.. 325F...
  3. cowgirl

    DO Bierocks

    I made these before, they are some of my favorites. :) dough.. 1 1/4 cups of warm water 1 package of yeast 2 Tablespoon oil 2 teaspoon sugar 1 teaspoon salt 3 1/2 cups of flour (more if needed) I dissolve the yeast in water, add the sugar, oil and then the salt.. stir in 2 cups of flour and...
  4. cowgirl

    Beef Brisket

    In drum... spicy pinto beans.. Danke for looking!
  5. cowgirl


    I couldn't decide what to make so I made 3 kinds. One batch with veal, egg, Worcestershire sauce, scallions, beef bouillon, onion powder, seasoned salt and bread crumbs.. one with beef, mild green chili sauce, scallions, egg and bread crumbs.. one with beef, spicy hot red chili sauce...
  6. cowgirl

    A Barn Dance (sorry, many photos)

    Sorry..there are many photos! I (with help) cooked a crawdad boil for some friends and neighbors recently... We had a barn dance. To season pot, lemons, onions, garlic, crawdad boil seasoning, coarse salt, cayenne pepper. 75lb crawdads 75lb smoked sausage 75lb shrimp 65lb crab legs 65lb...
  7. cowgirl

    Slap Yo Daddy Chicken

    An easy meal in the drum... Chicken thighs mit Slap Yo Daddy Rub. Into BPS UDS at 325F with mesquite wood chunks. added skillet of potatoes, creamed corn, salt, pepper and smoked cheese. potatoes.. Ich liebe Slap Yo Daddy Rub. :) Danke for looking!
  8. cowgirl

    Smoked Lachs Patties

    I have been using the smoked salmon a lot this winter. It makes a quick easy meal for me. :) Smokehouse salmon.. eggs (Eier), scallions ( Zwiebel ), black pepper ( Pfeffer ), cracker crumbs (der Knacker)...
  9. cowgirl

    Chivo Goat Leg Tacos, Huevos Rancheros und Nachos

    Gift from a friend.... Boer goat meat. I made a mixture of garlic powder, paprika, black pepper, rosemary, thyme.. About one Tablespoon of each. Then combined 1/2 cup A-1 steak sauce, 1/4 cup of worcestershire sauce, about 1/4 cup of bufalo chipotle sauce and 1 cup of water...
  10. cowgirl

    Cooking a Hog in the Underground Pit

    This was a party at my house for deer hunting friends a couple of years ago. We dug the hole big enough to hold the pig and a 14" deep hot coal bed. butchered a pig... burned hard wood... enough wood to make deep hot bed of coals. stuffed and seasoned the pig with dry...
  11. cowgirl

    Underground PP

    This is a previous cook. Injected pork with seasoned beef stock Seasoned with dry rub and wrapped in banana leaves... burn wood for hot bed of coals... cover and bury with dirt ... cooked 8 hours.... removed from pit... heated wild onions, onions and jalapenos...
  12. cowgirl

    Pulled Beef on Bier Bread

    I seasoned beef chuck roast with dry rub, added beef stock and onions.. Smoked in BPS UDS made bier bread... 3 cups self rising flour pinch of salt 1/4 cup of sugar one beer brushed with butter and added sesame seeds.. made smokey cheese disc with blended cheeses.. split...
  13. cowgirl

    A Breakfast Fatty

    I make these often, they are my favorite.. fried potato, onion, ham, jalapeno and cheese.. spicy sausage.. fatty piston.. (thank you again Rolf) Mein BPS UDS on a toasted english muffin.. with poached egg and hollandaise sauce.. Danke for looking!
  14. cowgirl

    Apple Pie "Moonshine" Pork Chops

    This is called apple pie moonshine. It is very strong in alcohol and has the flavor of apple pie spices. It is for drinking but I tried it on pork chops. I cured the chops for one hour in TenderQuick cure.. cured chops with olive oil and pepper.. basting sauce... Moonshine, honey...
  15. cowgirl

    Garnelen Rosen? Shrimp Roses

    I'm not sure of the translation.. :pirateblush: made sticky rice in steamer.. devein and butterfly...the cut in half. Two pieces for each rose.. poach in Chinese 5 spice water with salt... shrimp rose on sticky rice with wasabi.. more finger food. :) Danke for...
  16. cowgirl

    Cinderblock Pit Venison, PP & Beans

    This is another cook on my cinderblock pit... Venison shoulder marinated in Dale's marinade and garlic inserted... pork butt seasoned and injected ... pinto beans... I soak the beans overnight, drain and smoke for...
  17. cowgirl

    Venison Beer Brats and Andouille Sausage

    I was able to get three white tail deer this hunting season. I process the deer in my kitchen.. back strap steaks... cubes and steaks... roasts.. made sausage with cubed venison... venison, pork and pork fat. Beer Brats.. For 5lbs of the meat... used 1...
  18. cowgirl

    Smoked Duck and Spatzle

    I received a Christmas box from Outlaw Rolf.. (Thank you Rolf!) Brined the duck in Mad Hunky Poultry Brine.. Gifts from Rolf... Wanted to try the spatzle and sauce and salad dressing. :) Seasoned duck with MH General Purpose dry rub then smoked duck on the BPS UDS...
  19. cowgirl

    Goulash on UDS

    This is Outlaw Rolf's recipe... (Thank you again Rolf!) simmered spices.. beef shanks.. cooked until tender... 4 hours with potatoes.. Danke Rolf for your recipe. I love it! Danke for looking!
  20. cowgirl

    Just some fun

    During deer hunting season. We women made some finger food. pudding "shots" with vodka alcohol infused whipped cream... jello "shots" with rum mountain oysters.. (calf fries) we made cracker crumbs... :) finger food... calf fries seasoned...
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